About Us

Scenic Natural Escape

Beacon Resort is the right place for you to learn more about healthy eating and take care of your health. We emphasize on the ineffable joy of family gatherings and the fun of togetherness, be it improving parent-child relationships or strengthening extended family ties. We hope that families get together and spend real quality time with each other, leaving you with unforgettable memories following your stay here at Beacon Resort.

  • Can you remember how long it has been since you last got together as a family?
  • Do you miss your childhood days? Why not invite your classmates for a getaway here?
  • Have you ever thought about celebrating your birthday differently?
  • Just come to us for any anniversary celebration you wish to organise! 

All these are but a few reasons for you to visit Beacon Resort. What’s more, we also offer specially customised dinners for private gatherings and exclusive parties.

Beacon Resort, which is situated just 80 kilometers away from KL, is another mission Madam Mary Chen, the founder of Beacon Hospital, just completed. She wants everyone to enjoy 5-star accommodations and food at affordable charges. By this, she hopes that many would have the opportunity to enjoy such a heavenly magnificent resort God has granted.

She finds that interactions and communications in modern families are becoming scarce, so she hopes that all visitors here may put their mobile devices down and reconnect with their loved ones, caring for each other, jungle trekking, treasure hunting, going to spas, and immersing themselves in Beacon Resort’s natural beauty and picturesque scenery.

Nowadays, many people suffer from chronic diseases. However, all modifiable risk factors can be prevented and reversed by lifestyle management. Through diet, physical activities and the control of metabolic disorders.

Effective Remedies

We treat primarily with medication, nutrition (well-balanced diets and organic food), suitable exercises, massages and various treatment modalities such as hydrogen spa.

Professional Care

We have a team of medical doctors, dieticians and therapists who use a holistic approach to treatment. We provide individualised consultation based on your health conditions.

Personalised Programmes

Each guest will receive a personalised lifestyle transformation program to zoom in and recondition your diet, physical activities and the control of metabolic disorders.

Lifestyle Transformation

Revive, restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, leading to improved wellness and longevity. We want you to bring these lifestyle changes home when you leave!

Hydrogen Spa

Hydrogen water is good for eliminating active oxygens. Active oxygens aka toxic oxygens are oxygens with strong acidity that harm body cells, resulting in ageing and various illnesses. Active oxygens cause oxidation in our bodies, as they have been overproduced by environmental contaminants, chemical materials, infrared rays, circulatory disorders, stresses, etc.; as a result, cell membranes, DNAs, and all other cell structures are damaged and, according to the ranges of those damages, even cells may lose their functions, or be spoiled to become factors for ageing and many other diseases.

Hydrogen water includes extra hydrogen molecules(H2) in water molecules (H2O). When a hydrogen encounters a separated oxygen, they combine with each other to be water. Thus, if you drink hydrogen water, active hydrogens that are drunk into your body along with water combine with active oxygens in your body so as to become harmless water and excreted later on in that form.